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The Problem When You Learn Karate and How to Freestyle

When you learn Karate there are the forms and the techniques, and then there is how to freestyle. Why are they different? Why can’t you use the techniques from Classical Karate in Freestyle? Check out the video, then I’ll tell you about it.

There are two answers to this.

First, you can use bunkai in kumite, you can use those form applications in freestyle, when you are a black belt. But you can only use them against lower belts. Upper belts will be wise to your tricks, grin, and they won’t fall for it. But the lower belts, they just don’t know enough, haven’t practiced enough.

So your form techniques should work on the street, if you have a good instructor, a good system, and you have been a good student.

Second, there is a huge, massive gap of data; there are chunks of art missing from Karate (and other arts) which, if understood, will close the gap between classical forms and freestyle.

This is the thrust of the Matrixing method, to enable students to see those missing pieces, downsize that chunk of what you don’t know down to nothing, and you will find that classical forms and freestyle are virtually the same.

No, I am not kidding you…that’s the truth.

Over the years well meaning teachers have just not figured out what was missing, and have, in certain cases, contributed to the occlusion of data.

Here’s what one instructor had to say after seeing the Matrix Karate Course…

“…because of the Matrix concept, I have totally re-structured my self defense program…”

I get these kinds of wins every couple of weeks. Some guy is introducing matrixing, restructuring his class, and basically getting rid of that huge chunk of missing martial arts information.

If you matrix, you can learn ┬ákarate, and you can learn how to freestyle, and they will mesh and merge and come perfectly together. There will be all sorts of things that suddenly appear and make sense…things you didn’t even know existed. The Matrix Karate course is available at Monster Martial Arts.

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The False Martial Art of Karate

The art of Karate is good, except for the false art taught with it. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you about the false art.

The True Art, the Kata and the Bunkai and all that, give one an education of the body, teaches the mechanics and the physics of motion. This is useful stuff that shold be taught in any school.

However, when it comes to kumite, what is called freestyle, there are several problems.

One problem is that the freestyle doesn’t use the moves of the forms. Yes, the forms shouldbe adjusted a bit, but the real problem lies with something I call the Joy of Combat. This is when people start liking fighting just because they like to fight.

What does fighting have to do with Karate?

Karate, or any other art, Kenpo or Taekwondo, or whatever, should be about conditioning the body, calming the mind, and finding a truth of spirit.

Yes, you have to learn how to fight to give up fighting, but it seems like too many arts get stuck in learning how to fight, and never give up the fighting.

If you agree with my sentiments here, and maybe want to find a better method, check out my website…Monster Martial Arts.

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