THIS SITE HAS MIGRATED TO http://learnkarateonline.net!

My first art was Karate. Rock ’em sock ’em hit ’em in the face Karate.

It was the first martial art to hit the American shores, and it is still the choice of hard core fanatics.

You grow pure,unadulterated power with the simple stances. You practice till you’re blue in the face. You get strong like nobody’s business.

You got a mugger? Dead meat.

Home invasion? Bring ’em on!

Bully in school? One look at you and they change their mind.

That’s the truth of Karate.

But ya gotta do it to get it, and that’s what this site is about.

I’ve got other sites, I believe in all arts, but my base art is Karate, and I wanted to write a page or two that would let me rant, pure and simple, about the art that makes men out of boys.

Want to break a few boards?

How about some bricks.

Or, I’ve got it, how would you like to have the power to kill a bull? That’s the kind of power you’re going to find on this blogsite, that’s the kind of power you’re going to find in the books I offer here.

Well, that’s about enough. If you’ve got hairy gonads, stick around. We’ll talk. All others, the ladies restroom is over there.




Al Case began training in the martial arts in 1967. He became an instructor, a writer for the magazines, and has gone on to write nearly two million words on the martial arts.
He is the inventor of Matrixing, which is a method for ridding your martial art of corrupt influences. This makes it easier and faster to learn the martial arts. You can purify your art, learn whole arts, combine arts, and a lot more with Matrixing.
Al’s website is at MonsterMartialArts.com

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